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Kingsong S18

The world's first "suspended" wheel announced by Kingsong, the KS S18 electric unicycle represents a revolution in the urban mobility landscape.

The capabilities of the Kingsong S18


The first positive point about this Kingsong electric unicycle is its 2200 W hollow motor and 140 Nm of torque, which offer more than satisfactory performance. Expect a top speed of 50 km/h, with the ability to climb 35° gradients without difficulty. As you can see, the Kingsong S18 is a powerful, dynamic unicycle that will win over many wheelers.

The motor is powered by a 72 V, 1100 Wh lithium-ion battery that will take you up to 100 km on a single charge. It takes just 6 hours (with a standard 2A charger) to charge.


Driving comfort has been completely rethought. The Kingsong S18 has an 18-inch, 3-inch-wide inflatable wheel for extra grip. What's more, thanks to its suspension with adjustable X-shaped air shock absorber offering 100 mm of travel, the unicycle becomes ultra-comfortable.

With its 4-layer design, the S18 electric unicycle remains cool and stable. Its motherboard has also been redesigned for rapid heat dissipation. Similarly, perforated and studded non-slip pedals and power pads provide a pleasant ride for anyone riding the Kingsong S18.

Last but not least, its 25 kilos can support a maximum user weight of 120 kg.


A rear LED light and rear indicators are built into the wheel for maximum safety. There are several types of front light: high beam and low beam. The latter are automatic and operate using a sensor on the unicycle.

Similarly, the tilt back feature (which tilts the wheel slightly backwards when maximum speed is reached) helps prevent accidents by ensuring that the user does not continue to accelerate and lose control of the wheel.

In addition, 3 speed alarms, accessible and adjustable via the Kingsong app, alert you when the maximum authorised speed is exceeded. In the form of an audible or visual signal, they remind you to slow down to avoid accidents.


The little sister of the Kingsong S19, the Kingsong S18 wheelchair has a telescopic steel handle (trolley) and a USB port. This allows you to transport your wheel easily as well as charge and/or connect your phone to it.

Is choosing Kingsong S18 a good idea?

Modern, sporty but also comfortable, the Kingsong S18 unicycle represents a real improvement on previous models such as the Kingsong 18 electric unicycle.