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Black Friday

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Exceptional discounts for Black Friday

Kingsong France is mobilising for Black Friday to offer you unique and extraordinary deals on its entire catalogue. Our main motivations: ecology, savings and mobility. In this context, Black Friday allows us to pass on our values of eco-mobility and a modern vision of urban traffic through discounts on our signature products.

Kingsong is a brand of individual and ecological means of transport that is a must in today's green mobility landscape. From unicycles and electric scooters to spare parts, this Black Friday you'll find our products at knock-down prices.

If you're familiar with Kingsong France, you'll be familiar with our electric unicycles, such as the new Kingsong S22 Pro. There are also flagship products such as the KS-S18 suspended monowheel and the Kingsong KS-18L.

On our Kingsong France website, you'll find several models of electric scooter. For leisurely city use, the Kingsong KS-N14 Max electric scooter available to pre-order is perfect. If you're looking for more power and speed, then our KS-N12 Pro single-motor scooter and KS-N11 dual-motor scooter are just what you're looking for.

Finally, to take care of you and your machine, we have accessories and spare parts available on our site.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website now to discover our selection of the best products for Black Friday! This is your chance to take advantage of exceptional discounts on our flagship products and to equip yourself at a lower cost. This way, you can get an idea of our products, without breaking the bank.

At Kingsong, we're acting in the interests of a rethought future, and we're already preparing the new alternative forms of transport for tomorrow, to complement public transport and other polluting individual forms of transport.

We deliver to most European countries (see delivery) with a delivery time of 4 to 7 working days.