You will find on this page all the available information, dated and confirmed, concerning pre-orders made on the website.

Following the modifications and fixes made to the S22, Kingsong International announces the arrival of the S22 Eagle in France on July 25, with the container currently being shipped.

Following an incident on a Kingsong KS S20 Eagle in New York, a firmware and BMS update was required. In order to prioritize the safety of our customers, we have chosen to deliver Kingsong KS S22 (new trade name) in batch 2. This therefore implies production at the beginning of May, for delivery at the end of July. The whole team apologizes for this delay, prioritizing your safety.

We have received confirmation from the KingSong factories that the KS S20 Eagle will be ready for shipment by the end of April 2022. Taking into account a transport and customs clearance period of 1 month, deliveries should begin in Europe by the end of May 2022. The site, as well as the pre-order offer, have been updated accordingly. We are sorry for this delay following an improvement of the wheel following feedback from users of the first samples.

Following an internal production delay, the wheels initially scheduled for shipment at the end of January 2022 (before the Chinese New Year - CNY) will only be available at the end of February / beginning of March for batch 2. This delay leads to a delay in delivery orders on our site of about two months, taking into account the incompressible delays of maritime and port transport.
We are currently updating our site to reflect this.

After discussions with Kingsong International, it appears that the wheel will be delayed for several weeks, following feedback (such as Kuji Roll) in order to improve and perfect these first batches. We therefore inform you of a delay of approximately 2 months (delivery March 2022). Our site has been updated to reflect this new reality and we will communicate on a page dedicated to pre-orders.